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A Small Chapel for Small Intimate Weddings

Wedding Ceremony Options

Many Couples choose a destination other than a church for their wedding ceremony. I am delighted to assist you with a highly choreographed or a simple & loving ceremony or somewhere in-between.

There are many types of ceremonies: Together we can design a ceremony special for the two of you.


Almost everyone is familiar with, “Does any one here object…………”, “To have and to hold…….”, “till death do us part……”.  (But we don’t do any of those)


Similar to a civil ceremony that may or may not have religious suggestion. I will help you with incorporating your own personalities into your ceremony.


Allows the Bride and Groom to include special stories, vows, themes or readings that may not be befitting for a religious ceremony. There is room for a lot of creativity.


Has no association with a religious denomination. This also has room for much personalization.


Traditionally the religious ceremonies often take place in your place of worship. Some elements can be incorporated into your ceremony if you do not select your place of worship.


Is the ideal solution for couples that have different spiritual, religious or cultural backgrounds. Together we can design a ceremony that reflects your thoughts and desires.

Marriage License

Please bring your MARRIAGE LICENSE, along with everything else you receive from the courts to the chapel, at least two weeks before your wedding date. Ceremonies cannot be performed without the MARRIAGE LICENSE.  After the ceremony, I will present you with your original marriage license and take care of filling out the legal paperwork and make sure the papers are officially recorded.


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